Welcome to Uplifted Care Services

Uplifted Care Services (UPL) is an affordable home care organization serving Minnesota. We offer a range of services including but not limited to: personal care, respite care, home care, 24-hour home care and more. We treat our clients as family and are passionate about our work. We care for your loved ones just like we would want our loved ones to be cared for. UPL conducts a background check on every employee.

Uplifted Care Services

We focus on caring for your loved ones in a comfortable home like environment, where they can enjoy every moment while benefiting from the care of their family, friends and relatives.

New client referrals can be made to UPL Care Services by a case manager, social worker, physician, hospital, nursing home, patient, family member or friend. This can be done by filling out a referral form and faxing it to 888-588-3166 or emailing to care@upliftedcareservices.com. We typically have 24 to 48 hour (during weekdays) admission availability depending upon paperwork, staff availability, room availability etc.

Call +1-763-280-3236 for scheduling.

Uplifted Care Services is open 24/7 365 days a year 

Our Mission

"Uplifting one life at a time”

Our Values

We operate on Seven Values: Love, Openness, Freedom, Choices, Empathy, Kindness, Diversity

Our Vision

For all people to have the opportunity to live a meaningful, engaged and socially connected life.

Our Guarantee

Respect, Choices, Reliability, and Freedom.

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